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My Post Op Physio is an online exercise rehabilitation program that will get you beyond your initial recovery. Have you had a hip replacement recently and completed your initial rehab but feel anxious about returning to your hobbies or activities you love? Are you still limping or feeling weak and unsure how to progress?

I have a solution for you! Join me on a journey to a full recovery with a progressive exercise program that will help you reach your goals.

About me

Teodora Aysakova

I am a Senior physiotherapist with years of experience in private health care. For the past eight years, I have been specifically working with patients recovering from joint replacement surgery, gynaecological and spinal surgery. I am passionate about exercise and rehabilitation and have taught physio pilates for over 15 years. I enjoy helping people reach their goals and return to their loved activities.

Follow along online exercise program for a total hip replacement

  • Free

Physio Tips for Optimal Hip Replacement recovery

  • Course
  • 2 Lessons

Live Webinar with Teodora Aysakova, Senior Physiotherapist MCSP, HCPC, PGC Learn how to optimize your recovery post-discharge and return to activities you love.

  • £120

Total Hip Replacement Rehabilitation Program Phase 1

  • Course
  • 6 Lessons

Phase 1 program contains six easy-to-follow exercise sessions that will help you progress your recovery beyond your initial six-week post-op stage. It will strengthen your glutes, legs, and core and help you gain confidence to return to normal activities or hobbies. If you are still limping, anxious about getting on and off the floor, or unsure which exercises are safe for the hip, you are in the right place.

  • £200
  • 4 payments of £50

Total Hip Replacement Rehabilitation Program Phase 1 and 2

  • Course
  • 12 Lessons

Recover effectively with this complete total hip rehabilitation program from six weeks to six months post-op. This program can help you even if you are a few months or a few years down the line but need help progressing or what exercises are safe for your hip. It will give you the confidence to get on and off the floor comfortably, climb stairs easily and return to the hobbies and sports you love.

  • £120

Total Hip Replacement Rehabilitation Program Phase 2 - Advanced

  • Course
  • 6 Lessons

This easy-to-follow program will help you increase your strength and flexibility so you can safely return to sporting activities like golf, tennis, riding, gym and fitness classes etc.

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Theresa F.

"I was looking for a Pilates instructor, a Physiotherapist, following two hip replacements aged 55 and 57. I thoroughly enjoyed Teodora's classes and have been extremely pleased with my continuous progress, increased flexibility, core strength, and better posture. It has given me the confidence to try activities I'd thought I could no longer do, such as canoeing and rowing."


"Compared to other classes, yours is well constructed and logical in format. As one of the older clients with hip and knee replacement, it has helped me remain flexible and strong to do other things."


"I found Teodora to be motivating and strict. I needed both of those. She pushed me hard enough that I progressed steadily and made me see how far I had come over some time."


Total Hip Replacement Rehabilitation Program

Have you had a hip replacement recently? Are you six weeks post-op or longer and still struggling with stairs or unable to increase your walking distance? It is widespread, and you are not alone. Join me on a journey to a full recovery so you can do the things you love.   

Equipment links

Resistance bands

Looped resistance bands


Balance cushion 

Total Hip Replacement Rehabilitaiton progam

This program suits anyone who has completed the initial six-week post-hip replacement recovery stage. Even if you are several months or a few years down the line but don't feel confident about returning to hobbies or activities you love. 

Phase 1 starts with standing exercises and progresses to floor exercises to enable you to get on and off the floor more easily. Phase 2 combines both with activities to improve coordination and balance to return to sport. You will need an exercise mat, a chair, a step (use a bottom step at home or a yoga block or similar), a resistance band and a balance cushion or wobble cushion ( scroll down for the link).

Phase 1

Improver program suitable from 6 weeks post-surgery.

Phase 2

The advanced program is suitable from 3 months post-surgery. 

Phase 1 and 2

A complete program is suitable from 6 weeks to 6 months and over. 


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